Our Konfigurator

is an innovative application designed for virtual exploration and customization of residential properties, aimed at providing buyers and developers with enhanced financial security. Unlike competitors, it calculates additional costs for special requests using accurate market-standard data instead of estimates. The configurator allows buyers to virtually explore and personalize apartments according to their preferences, even during the planning or construction stage. The 3D visualization provides a comprehensive view, enabling buyers to make informed choices on colors, materials, lighting, and other furnishings.

The application's unique features include precise cost calculation, immediate visualization of changes, and an automatically generated room book outlining configurations and costs. Developers benefit from cost savings due to efficient planning, reduced errors, and streamlined sales inquiries. The configurator stands out with its accurate pricing, 3D navigation, collaborative management interface, and flexible database for customization.

Prospective buyers can emotionally connect with properties by freely navigating 3D visualizations, fostering a sense of attachment and influencing purchase decisions. The configurator empowers buyers to customize apartments with various options like flooring, fixtures, and more. The exact cost of configurations is calculated based on factors like labor, construction phase, and regional variables, eliminating uncertainties and hidden costs.