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Why you need it

less mistakes
less costs
increased sales

Construction workers and planners always have access to an up-to-date room book with precise instructions, down to individual rooms. All changes are archived and accessible for reference

Buyers can access the tool anytime from anywhere and choose from catalog of prepared customisations. This reduces costs and time for processing individual requests

The configurator, with its realistic visualisation, is an ideal marketing online tool, available 24/7 world wide. Buyers form an emotional bond with their personalised future dream home

quicker sales due to self service and prepared customisation options

overall less costs

wider reach because available online

price certainty through calculation algorithm

Let your buyers do the magic​

interested buyers can preview apartment in 3D from all angles
The tool gives an immersive and vivid experience and has catalog of available customisation choices
The immediate end price with full transparency and without hidden costs.

A tool that you can count on​

Our algorithm determines progressive cost development correctly for years, using industry and market databases. Developers have complete insight and control, while buyers can rely on stated prices without any hidden costs

Various factors such as regional differences in salaries, surcharges for planners and subcontractors, and construction phases including deconstruction are transparently included. Work steps are described and priced in detail by means of work values

Planner & Contractor:
  • less work due to reduced custom requests, by eliminating corrective loops
  • less mistakes due to up-to-date documentation
  • all changes archived and provable (who, what, when), among others useful in case of legal disputes


Sales & Realtor:​

exciting marketing tool, always available

ideal during sales pitch, e.g. in a show room

3D and VR attracts potential buyers

less on-site appointments